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The Abbot Downing Legacy

Continuing the Tradition

Like our namesake Abbot Downing, we determine a course of action that is meticulously designed, with an eye on today’s details and on the road ahead.

In 1827, J. Stephens Abbot and Lewis Downing began designing custom stagecoaches for the discerning client. Quality was reflected in every detail: innovative design, handcrafted materials, the dedication and talent of the builders, and painstaking customer care.

Over generations, the Abbot Downing name became known worldwide for ingenuity and long-lasting quality. Wells Fargo commissioned Abbot and Downing to design what would become one of the finest triumphs of the nineteenth century, the Concord stagecoach, and it’s a symbol Wells Fargo still uses to date.

Today, we hold ourselves up to the values established by Abbot and Downing by delivering the same level of customization, ingenuity, and care to our clients. With sophisticated solutions to address both the financial and human dimensions of unique wealth, individuals, families, foundations, and endowments entrust us to help them protect and build their legacies for future generations.