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The Advent of Personalized Medicine



Personalized medicine has made monumental strides over the past decade with new treatments offering life-saving results now within reach. Using information from the mapping of the human genome and more detailed research on how various parts of the genome are coordinated, treatments for diseases may soon be tailored to an individual and to a specific form of a disease. 

With immunotherapy treatments such as adoptive cell transfer and CAR T-Cell therapy having impressive results, the hope is that cancer (and other diseases) can be targeted with very specific treatment plans. Even more intriguing is the possibility of identifying the potential for disease in the very earliest stages. All of this means the bioscience industry is ripe with potential—for employment, growth, new ideas, medical success stories, and investment opportunities.


  • Since the mapping of the human genome was completed in 2003, the rapid pace of discovery related to personalized medical treatment has become a center of focus and an area with unlimited potential for growth.
  • The cost of mapping the first human genome took more than a decade and cost over $100 million to complete; today, sequencing kits cost around $1,000 and can be completed in one day. The resulting implications for diagnosing and treating conditions can be life changing.
  • While not yet available on a broad scale, treatments such as Car T-Cell therapy have had amazing results in specialized studies and provide hope for treatment of the over 200 types of cancer.
  • In addition to the promise of greatly enhancing the human condition, personalized medicine and the bioscience industry offer investment opportunities as patents are awarded and new companies grow rapidly.